UniFi Cloud Controller Information

Cloud Reliability

Cloud Reliability

Have the advantages of the controller being in the cloud

  • Redundancy
  • High Availability
  • Failover
  • View a LIVE status of the controller availability on this page
  • View the availability of the controller over the last 30 days on this page

Never have to worry about a power outage or hardware failure ever again.

No Setup Fee

No Setup Fee

We do not charge a setup fee to host your site. In fact, getting started is very easy, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Once the invoicing is taken care of, we'll get your site(s) set up and the site admins will receive an email to get their passwords setup. From there, we can start adopting access points in to your sites whenever you're ready!

* - Due to variations in version 4 of the UniFi controller, we cannot set the site name, it is randomly assigned. In version 3, we can set the site name and is subject to availability.



Standard pricing is $1 per device per month.

However, we do offer discounts for bulk devices as well as current customer discounts.

With Ubiquiti's release of the UniFi Security Gateway and UniFi Switches, those can also be hosted in our cloud controller.

Flexibility & Security

Flexibility & Security


Stay up to date with the latest version of the controller. No need to worry about security patches to the server or getting the latest bug fixes! We monitor the UniFi releases and upgrade as quickly and as safely as we can.
You will have all the capabilities with our cloud controller that you would as if you were hosting your own controller with two exceptions:
  • You will not be able to adopt your own access points
    • This is a restriction of the UniFi software and the way Site Administrators is implemented. There is an open feature request with Ubiquiti to open this option up a bit more and make it more flexible
    • Rather than waiting for this feature to be implemented, HelpfulTechVids has developed a method to safely and securely adopt your access points to our cloud controller. This feature is exclusive to HelpfulTechVids customers.
  • You will not be able to directly modify the HTML code of the default portal


UniFi uses a self-signed SSL certificate for its administrative web server and its guest portal. The SSL certificate for the guest portal is only used if you're implementing Vouchers or accepting credit card payments. We can provide a free SSL certificate upon request to any of our Hosted UniFi Clients. What this means for you and your clients is that they will never see that ugly self signed certificate warning when they go to enter their credit card information!
Please be sure to review our Terms of Service

Exclusive Features

Exclusive Features

With other providers, you may have to wait for them to create a site, delete a site, adopt devices, etc. Not with HelpfulTechVids!

We have created an exclusive adoption portal that allows you to create a site, delete a site, or add devices for adoption live! No more waiting for companies to get back to you. This is free to use for all Hosted UniFi Customers, simply use the same credentials you use to log in to the controller

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UniFi Cloud Hosted Quarter Deal

Through December 31st, 2017, take advantage of our Quarter Deal!

Sign up, adopt at least 100 devices by January 15th, 2017, and pay only $0.25 per device per month!

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